Conversations on Menopause

People’s Food Co-op
Community Room
Every Third Wednesday

Have you ever wondered why we don’t talk about menopause more freely, more often?  Have you longed for an open conversation about this vast initiatory experience that has the potential to develop women into wise crones?  Do you wonder what other women experience and how they move through the mystery of The Change; how they begin, what they experience in the deep wilderness of the time, and what comes after?

If you have wondered, or if you might like to share what you’ve experienced and learned, if you crave a heart to heart connection with other women as you approach or as you go through The Change, please join us for a series of six monthly conversation groups about menopause.  Women of all ages and experience are invited!  Please come with your thoughts, your questions, your words and your ears to hear.

While there are questions for us to dig into for each of the six evenings, our format will be flexible.  Whoever comes and what we ask and say will shape the conversation, following the red thread of women’s speech together.  We will share our experiences, resources and information, as experts on our own lives, and drawing from the wisdom traditions that we each carry with us.

We will meet in the community room at People’s co-op on the third Wednesday evenings July-December from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.  We will serve teas and light snacks. Please be sure when you register to let us know your access needs so we can accommodate and make the space as comfortable and safe as possible.  The community room is upstairs at the co-op, and we have a lift if you need it.
The topic for July 18 will be:
What are your ideas/attitudes towards menopause?  What were they before you started going through it, if you have begun or if you are menopausal.  How were those ideas formed?  How did you learn about menopause?

About your hostess:
I’m Padrice.  I have worked at People’s for the past 8 years, am mother to an amazing young woman, and have a strong interest in women’s medicine of all sorts that I have cultivated since I was a teen.  I love to cook, I aspire to be a good gardener, I love plants and herbal medicines, and I know there is healing in our relationships with each other and all the myriad beings of this beautiful Earth.  My longing for connection and conversation on this seemingly taboo topic has led me to open up and dare to host it myself!  I do so hope that you will come, speak and listen.