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Offering professional mind-body counseling and massage therapy at two locations in southeast Portland.

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7435 SE Evergreen Street, Portland, Oregon, 97206*
Situated in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood, this office is in a private residence  providing a quiet and peaceful experience with the comfy feeling of home.   Appointments available Tuesday through Thursday.

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4431 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, Oregon, 97206*

This office is one of the many locations provided by Wise Counsel and Comfort, an organization dedicated to providing professional, affordable counseling and therapy.  I have been practicing here for over a year now and am loving it.  Come a little early and enjoy a hot cup of tea in the front lobby before beginning your appointment.  Appointments available on Fridays.

*please note:  Core Energetics Therapy ONLY at this location

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Phone (503) 481-6627
Email phillips.jacinda@gmail.com
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Mailing Address:
Living Body Temple
PO BOX 86147
Portland, Oregon, 97286-0147