“When I  walk into Jacinda’s studio I am immediately aware of the positive energy she exudes.  Jacinda’s touch is intuitive and therapeutic.   She is nurturing and gentle, while also working deep to free up stubborn knots.  Jacinda really cares about the health of her clients, and often I’ll get a text the day after a massage asking how I’m feeling.  More a healer than just a masseuse, I feel lucky to know Jacinda.”  ~ Theodore Pearson, Management Consultant


“Jacinda is a magical, grounded healer. Her intuition is always right on and I leave each massage feeling a greater sense of well-being throughout my entire body, mind, and soul. I have seen her for chronic pain as well as stress-relief and relaxation. I am never disappointed. Each session leaves me filled with peace and deep respect for her knowledge, compassion, and accurate care.” ~ Rhea Wolf, Astrologer


“As an athlete I put a lot of stress on my body.  Getting massage from Jacinda has been extremely helpful in helping me recover from athletic events.  Jacinda’s technique is excellent, she can go deep if it’s necessary, but if you’re hurting she can use other light pressure techniques to help you with little discomfort.  I have my massage therapist, I suggest she be yours too!!” ~ Dr. Brad Farra, Chiropractic Sports Physician


“I was a crumpled up ball and she turned me into a porcupine of light.” ~ Michael Scotto Di Carlo, Owner Supportland