Core Energetics Therapy


Feeling disconnected with self?
Trouble focussing?
Difficulty tolerating painful feelings?
Unsatisfied with your job?
Wanting deeper connection with others?
Stuck in unhealthy patterns?
Want to make conscious decisions?
Experiencing inner resistance to what you want in life?
Do you want more creativity?

Core Energetics can help!

Finding your YES! to life

As adults we are often stuck in our “no” causing all kinds of disharmonies like the ones listed above.  Using my skills in Core Energetics Therapy, I can help you  “know your no”  and transform it into your YES!  A session typically involves a combination of talking, movement, breath work, and/or making sound.  By tapping into the body’s wisdom you are able to discover false beliefs,  hidden feelings, limiting thought patterns, and reconnect with your true, loveable self.  Some results from doing this work can be, but are not limited to:



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What is Core Energetics?

From the time before we are born, we begin to organize our energy in order to cope with the pain of unmet needs and external life experiences while simultaneously attempting to integrate with, align with, or even protect our inner experience. As we are born and grow, we continue to try to reconcile our external and internal worlds by creating strategies and defenses with our energy spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Based on the concept that everything is a form of energy, that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, and that energy follows consciousness, it makes sense that we direct our energy and shape it into certain qualities that feel safe. This is the basis of Core Energetics theory and approach.

At the time, our defenses and strategies served us well; they helped us to adapt to the environment, stay alive, and keep our innermost, truest self from harm’s way. As adults we often continue to protect ourselves in this way, even though the original circumstances no longer exist. At some point, we become aware that our early life experiences are affecting our adult life, and realize we may be limiting ourselves; our abilities, creativity, connection with others…….whatever the limitation, it IS possible to re-organize ourselves, resulting in consciously using our energy to serve our highest self and purpose. Here lies the crux of the work.

Practically applied, the Core Energetics practitioner engages with and helps us to explore our skillfully created energy systems, with the positive intention of expanding consciousness through self-awareness, recognizing resistance, tolerating and expressing difficult feelings, and ultimately connecting with our true and genuine energy current, our original “yes” to life. A session may include a combination of talking, connecting with the body in various ways, breath work, movement, and/or sound. Most importantly, is the element of team work. The Core Energetics practitioner is a witness, an observer and a guide who provides a safe container for self-exploration, deep healing and integration.

Appointments available Tuesday through Friday.   I have two office locations in southeast Portland.  Click here to view the locations..

Phone: 503-481-6627