Spring Tarot ~ Massage Special Event

In the spirit of the upcoming equinox, Padrice and I are offering some moments of peace and refuge with our healing gifts of tarot and massage.  In doing so, we invite inner resilience as we shed the last of old skins allowing our tender heart~shoots to unfurl in celebration of growth and expansion.  As we open and receive the sun, moon, stars, winds and waters, may we have gratitude for the life the natural world gives us unfailingly. 


Cost is $150*

*includes tarot reading immediately followed by a massage session.  Please contact me by phone or email to book your spot.  503-481-6627.  phillips.jacinda@gmail.com

Padrice and Tarot

My love and practice with the tarot has only grown over the past 35 years since I reached for my first deck of tarot cards.  I have an expansive knowledge of traditional interpretations of individual cards and my own ideas about how each card applies in life today.  To me, tarot is a language.  Instead of letters, each card conveys sentences of meaning and when they are combined in a  spread, they tell a story that responds to the question in valid and insightful ways.  I’m excited to work with folks to tell and interpret that story so that their motion in the world might be more informed and intentional.

I continue to learn and study the history and the significance of the imagery, the composition, the numerology, astrological associations and ideologies of the tarot along with the art of laying out the cards and relating them to each other.  I use traditional and innovative spreads according to what the situation calls for, and love to keep my cartomancy keen and vital.  The trends of particular cards that repeat in different clients’ individual readings, over months and years, are inspiration for me in understanding collective social issues, and the universal themes that we all have in common.  Seeing those patterns in the cards helps me to contextualize each person’s reading in the realities of modern life.

I relish the connections that I get to make with my clients, and the authentic conversations that go with readings are truly food for our souls.